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Interview with Lusaris author Graeme Friedman

/*! elementor – v3.5.6 – 28-02-2022 */ .elementor-widget-image{text-align:center}.elementor-widget-image a{display:inline-block}.elementor-widget-image a img[src$=”.svg”]{width:48px}.elementor-widget-image img{vertical-align:middle;display:inline-block} 1. Can you share a little about your authorship journey to this point? I cut my writer’s teeth on short stories and was lucky enough to win a couple of prizes and have several of these published in anthologies. My first published books, […]

Launch Day interview with Kate Forsyth

Q: What is the first thing you’d love everyone to know about you? A: I’ve wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember and spent my childhood daydreaming, making up stories, and playing imaginary games. My grown-up life as an author seems a natural extension of that dreamy little girl’s life. […]

How Lorena Carrington works

Take a moment to go behind the scenes of Lorena Carrington’s illustration process. She’s now working on illustrations for Mollie Whuppie and Other Tales of Clever Young Women – seven more fairy tales that celebrate the strength and courage of their female protagonists, retold by Kate Forsyth.

Meet Melinda Tognini, writer

Melinda Tognini is a Writing the Dream contributor. She is particularly passionate about telling ‘invisible’ stories – those stories absent from or sidelined in the dominant narratives of our history – and empowering others to find their voice. Visit her website here. What are you working on now? Describe it in 15-20 words or less. […]

Meet Sandi Wallace, writer

Sandi’s debut rural crime thriller Tell Me Why won the 2015 Davitt Award Readers’ Choiceand was also shortlisted for the 2015 Davitt Award Best Debut. It spearheads a series ofgritty, authentic rural crime novels with romantic elements. The next instalment, BlackSaturday, will be out soon. Sandi has won multiple prizes in the Scarlet Stiletto Awards […]

Meet Michele Nugent, writer

Michele Nugent is a Writing the Dream contributor. She is a former newspaper journalist and editor with 30 years’ experience, a passionate communicator and listener, and a consumer and teller of stories. She now works as Communications Coordinator of a large West Australian not-for-profit care group. Michele has been a regular blogger for several years, […]

Meet Sandi Bowie, writer

Sandi Bowie is a Writing the Dream contributor. She is a passionate advocator for Cystic Fibrosis and Organ Donation, with an eclectic taste for fashion which combines a clashing blend of primary colours and pop culture. Sandi lives in Western Australia with her husband, a disgracefully behaved blue heeler called Pepsi, and a ‘To Be […]