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The Gardeners Son and the Golden Bird

French Fairy Tales

Vasilisa the Wise and Other Tales of Brave Young Women

Fairy Tales & Folklore

Disappear into a magical realm with our Fairy Tales and old folklore brought back to life in this collection. 

The Enchanted Oak Tree

Genie Gems: Mission to Devon

Puddle Boots

Duchess of York

Books & Audiobooks by Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York. 

Serenity Press Kids

Share the love of reading with beautifully illustrated children’s stories for all ages.

Little People, Big Emotions

The Seven Day Dragon

Fergus the Farting Dragon


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Established in 2020 by Karen Mc Dermott and Joanne Fedler to showcase great writing by both traditional authors and those who are yet to be discovered.  

What the Boy Hears When the Girl Dreams